Parenting pregnancy & childbirth search pregnancy / birth am i pregnant? Pregnancy basics labor/birth share free pregnancy & childbirth newsletter! order viagra online Sign up discuss in my forum tay-sachs disease genetic testing by robin elise weiss, lcce, about. viagra online without prescription Com guide see more about: genetic testing prenatal tests ultrasound exercise tay-sachs disease (tsd) is a neurological genetic disorder that is progressive. Tay-sachs disease is known as a disease that is common to ashkenazi jews (eastern european descent), but now is seen in families of varied backgrounds. About 1 in 250 people in the general population is a carrier of tay-sachs disease. order viagra There are three forms of tay-sachs: classic infantile juvenile (also known as late onset) chronic in tay-sachs the person has a lack of, or insufficient levels of, an enzyme, hex-a (hexosaminidase a). generic viagra no prescription If a person doesn’t have this enzyme a lipid (gm2 ganglioside) accumulates in the brain. buy viagra without prescription This increase causes damage to the cells in the brain. generic versions viagra Which form a person has, depends on when the damage starts. viagra women happiest The damage causes harm to the nervous system. Those with classic infantile tay-sachs will generally die before the age of five. While there is no cure for tay-sachs, there are on going research projects using a variety of different methods, including stem cells, gene therapy, medications, etc. viagra pills The key is to prevent tay-sachs when possible. This is largely done by genetic testing of people who might be carriers. You may want to consider this simple blood test if you fit any of the following criteria: ashkenazi jews (1 in 27 is a carrier) french canadians (1 in 27 is a carrier) louisiana cajun (1 in 27 is a carrier) pennsylvania dutch if a family member has had a baby with tay-sachs the national tay-sachs and allied diseases association, inc recommends that you have the blood test done only by a laboratory that uses the international tay-sachs laboratory quality control program that they monitor. They also offer a list of these testing centers. If you have any questions you should contact your health care practitioner and talk to them about the possibility of genetic counseling. generic versions viagra The key to preventing tay-sachs is to have carrier diagnosis prior to conception. Suggested reading amniocentesis chorionic villus sampling (cvs) genetic counseling suggested reading rare diseases and genetic disorders how safe is pregnancy after 35? Tay-sachs disease symptoms causes diagnosis treatments related articles. cheap viagra