Ading cause of cancer death in the usa [1]. The 5-year survival rate is only 3% with a median survival of less than 6 months [2]. Conventional treatment approaches, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or combinations of these, have little impact on the course of this aggressive cancer [3]. Within months of completing chemoradiation, patients frequently have evidence of local tumor progression (biliary or gastric outlet obstruction) or new metastatic disease [3]. Radiofrequency (rf) ablation has been widely used in oncology but not in the pancreas because of its high operative risks [4]. Recent studies have shown the feasibility of monopolar rf ablation in patients with stage iii pancreatic cancer in open, percutaneous, or laparoscopic setting [5, 6]. Ablating with endoscopic ultrasound (eus) guidance allows real-time imaging into the deeply located pancreas [4]. Radiofrequency ablation (rfa) works by emitting energy that uses heat to produce coagulative necrosis in the surrounding tissue [7, 8]. trusted on line sites to buy viagra There is a growing interest and need of rfa of the pancreas [4] and it appears that rfa in unresectable pancreatic carcinoma is feasible with acceptable mortality but high morbidity [5, 6, 8–11]. cheap generic viagra The objective of the study was to report safety and efficacy of eus-guided transduodenal rf ablation of porcine pancreas using a new well-shaped monopolar probe (habib eus rfa, emcision ltd. , london, uk) that fits better into the eus needle. cheap viagra The improved needle design should hypothetically permit coagulative necrosis of larger areas of the pancreas, while still minimizing the risk of damage to the intestinal mucosa. viagra and viagra combo pack 2. Procedure five yucatan pigs (30–35 kgs) were acclimated in the vivarium for 3 days after arrival. viagra no prescription On day 4, the procedure was effected. Animals were premedicated intramuscularly with atropine sulphate (0. 04 mg/kg) and anesthesia was induced with intramuscular telazol/xylazine 4–6/2 mg/kg. The animals were placed in recumbence on their left side on a fluoroscopy table. buy 150 mg viagra Vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, and anesthetic depth) were continuously monitored during the procedure. Prophylactic antibiotic enrofloxacin 2. recreational viagra for women 5 mg/kg was administered intramuscularly before the procedure, after anesthesia. The porcine pancreatic tissue was ablated with rfa after placing an eus guided 19 gauge wilson cook needle into the pancreas in a transduodenal approach. The echoendoscope (linear endoscope (eg-3870utk) 3. 8 mm, pentax montvale, nj, usa) was advanced through the mouth to the duodenal bulb and observed by ultrasonography of the pancreas. buy viagra cheap A 19-gauge needle (wilson cook, winston-salem, nc, usa) was inserted through the working channel of the endoscope into the pancreas (figure 1). The needle was used to puncture the pancreas and the stylet was removed. The pilot rfa probe connected to rita (electrosurgical rf generator) was then advanced through the needle into the pancreas. viagra pills The pilot h.